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Moderation & Administration

Conditional Selection for Custom Fields Selected

When creating custom fields we would like the ability to be able to have a selection determine the next set of available selections and so on down the tree.




Categories > One, Two

Locations > ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL


Selecting Category One only allows the user to select from Location ABC or DEF. Selecting from Category Two only allows the user to select from Location GHI or JKL.

Team Building

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Front End Improvements

Email of "new ideas digest" should be customizable Implemented

The weekly email I receive from this community is very ugly (i.e., it has little formatting and no, nice branding or look-and-feel).


It would be nice if I could customize the emails that get sent to my community so that they look more professional.


Also, I'd like to be able to add a introductory sentence or header to it so that my community knows what this is (especially for new members).

Front End Improvements

Sort Ideas by Moderator Approval DateTime

The moderator of A moderator will not always approve ideas in the order of submission (our organization has a review process before moderator approval), e.g. some ideas require further review before approval for voting. However, sorting is don’t by idea submission time, and this means that ideas that are approved that were submitted after an earlier filed (but not yet approved submission) will be viewable to those in... more »

Moderation & Administration

Maturing idea merging

As a moderator of a campaign, I find that I'd like to flag ALL ideas that are similar, but not necessarily all to each other. When I access the Merge Ideas "cart" my only option is to merge all of these ideas to one parent idea, or to remove them from the cart.
So instead I must locate only the ideas that are similar to each other, put those in the Merge cart and merge those ideas, then move on to the next. If I encounter... more »

Front End Improvements

Threaded comments on Ideas

Our platform runs on the basis of collaboration, and one of the most obvious ways of doing that is commenting on a submitted idea. I believe this feature can be improved. Let's take an example from reddit, because I believe most of us have used it.
In reddit, the comments are arranged in a tree like structure, known as threads. Threaded comments help us understand the context of a reply. Currently, IdeaScale has 2 levels... more »

Front End Improvements

Allow ALL votes to remain when moving ideas from one campaign to another

We move quite a few ideas because they are submitted to the wrong campaign. Because of this, if an idea was in the voting stage in the original campaign and then moved, the votes cast in the first campaign are not counted in the vote box.

We need to count ALL votes not matter what campaign they were cast in. Even if we were given a choice when changing campaigns that asked "Do you want to keep all votes and have them... more »

Front End Improvements

End Users Should Know when Identity is Hidden

When an end user has opted to hide-their-identity they should see a visual representation that their identity is currently being hidden. Such as in the top right corner...IdeaScale should be able to reassure to the user that the user is hiding their identity.

Front End Improvements

"All Ideas" listing limited to campaign groups

At the moment "All Ideas" in the campaign section displays ideas from multiple campaign groups.


It would be good to have a "All Ideas" item per Campaign Group that only shows ideas from campaigns within a group and hide the global "All Ideas" if the user chooses to.

Front End Improvements

Deleting a stage shouldn't delete the number of votes that an idea received on that stage

We recently started making some changes to the funnel that our most used campaign has and deleted some stages that we realized were not necessary. We moved ideas out of those stages and then deleted the stage. Some ideas lost 40+ votes that they had apparently received in the stages that were deleted, and this has caused users to be very upset. It would be great if an idea could keep the votes even if the stage they received... more »

Front End Improvements

A way to create FOMO?

FOMO - Fear of Missing Out.  A colleague told me that some news sites like the Wall Street Journal will let you see part of a story and then it fades out and you are given the option to read the rest by registering or logging in.  For our current campaign, people can view posted ideas in their entirety but cannot comment on them or post new ideas without registration.  I wonder if this method of allowing people to see... more »