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Front End Improvements

Move custom fields data to display BELOW idea description Implemented

When an idea is submitted with custom fields data, that data comes into the idea detail page above the idea description. Since custom fields data is most often supplementary to the idea being submitted, it would make more sense that this info would be displayed BELOW the idea description. See image:

Front End Improvements

Display results of Constraints Question in ReviewScale Stage

I noticed that upon completion of the ReviewScale stage, the Value Factor and Cost Factor data are displayed, but the Constraints data is not displayed. Why are these results absent from the "latest results" display? This would be useful to us.


screenshot of results displayed on frontend:

The only place I see the constraints results displayed is here:

Moderation & Administration

allow users to reply to comment thread via email

When IdeaScale user "follow" and idea on which they've commented, they receive emails when subsequent comments or attachments are left at the idea. (They also receive notification of idea status change).


Some online comment threads (blogs, forums, support portals) like IdeaScale's enable users to post directly back to the thread via the emails they receive. Would you please consider enabling this function?

Moderation & Administration

Moderator/Admin allowed to modify Idea Ownership

Allow Moderator/Admin to modify Idea Ownership to other users. Sometimes ideas are sent to moderators/admins, rather than submitted via ideation site. Also, some idea owners have left the organization, and ideas need a new owner to champion the cause.

Front End Improvements

Add filtering to idea owner

As idea owner, we need to filter all ideas assigned to us. Moderators should also be able to filter ideas based on idea owners. If we can add this functionality, it will be a great help for us. Right now, we are tacking ideas assigned to us on xls, based on the email we have received when an idea is assigned to us.

Moderation & Administration

Maturing idea merging

As a moderator of a campaign, I find that I'd like to flag ALL ideas that are similar, but not necessarily all to each other. When I access the Merge Ideas "cart" my only option is to merge all of these ideas to one parent idea, or to remove them from the cart.
So instead I must locate only the ideas that are similar to each other, put those in the Merge cart and merge those ideas, then move on to the next. If I encounter... more »

Front End Improvements

Email Idea to anyone Implemented

Currently the 'Email Idea' only works with Email Addresses of subscribed members of a community (even though I can enter any email address but will get an error).


I would like users to be able to send an idea to another person even if this person is not a member of ideascale community.

Front End Improvements

Idea Visibility Based on Stage

Having full flexibility of when an idea is seen by members and the public can cover more use cases than are currently covered.

There are times where campaign staff want to moderate, collaborate, and assess ideas before opening them for members and the public to see, or hidden during a stage during the workflow process. Currently we can make an idea private. Unfortunately, this limits who can view an idea through the... more »