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Front End Improvements

Allow to link to external pages (allow target=_blank html) Implemented

We need to link to an external page in a new tab (or if we could, to a popup with further information). Currently, the 'target=_blank' is stripped out of the html code you enter, so this can't be done.

Please consider allowing it.


Front End Improvements

Allow enterprise customers to edit html and css of landing page

Enterprise customers should be allowed to request access to customize the html and css of the landing page (same privileges the administrators have to edit code) so that we can alter the look and feel of the landing page on our own. If this is not possible, then landing page changes should be included for enterprise customers, and should not be an extra charge.

Front End Improvements

Permit HTML Formatting in Category Description

When categories have long descriptions, it is sometimes necessary to use paragraph or other basic formatting tages. Permitting users to use such tags will improve the look and feel of the site.

We often use the site to get feedback on strategic plans and the like - describing an overarching category in greater detail is important to us - it keeps us from having to make users scroll through a giant PDF and then remember... more »

Moderation & Administration

What's it called?

It would be helpful to have a list of what IdeaScale calls different parts of the community for customization purposes. For example, the banner at the top of the page has the banner image and logo, but what do you call the "Welcome" and "Ideas" listed below that? It would make finding things we want to change in the HTML pages much simpler.