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Front End Improvements

Display results of Constraints Question in ReviewScale Stage

I noticed that upon completion of the ReviewScale stage, the Value Factor and Cost Factor data are displayed, but the Constraints data is not displayed. Why are these results absent from the "latest results" display? This would be useful to us.


screenshot of results displayed on frontend:

The only place I see the constraints results displayed is here:

Front End Improvements

Allow users to view full activity stream

To encourage more discussion and allow users to easily track the ideas they're interested in, it would be helpful to enhance the current activity stream on a user's profile or otherwise direct users to updates from within IdeaScale (without bouncing between it and email to follow updates). I think there's a relatively simple way and a more complex way of implementing this solution.

1) Simple - Since all events (votes,... more »

Moderation & Administration

Admin panel needs moderator history

It would be useful for the Admin account to be able to know if other moderators were participating and who/what they did in a single feed.


This also might be a useful feature for moderators in a community to know what may be a trend of actions by a users, but individually each only sees and deals with the situation once. Plus it can be useful in a project manager versus moderation function.