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Moderation & Administration

Group Management

This is with regards to Group Management- I would be more than happy to get on a call with you or any tech POC from ideascale and explain my suggestions.

1. Only 10 groups can be seen at a time, so if the desired group is on page 4 then you have to click 4 times and reach the desired group – Suggestion - you can increase the limit, there is a lot of place on the page to accommodate a larger list

2. After reaching the... more »

Moderation & Administration

Campaign specific profile question

SInce we do challenge specific campaigns often with manual groups - there is a lot a manual work in adding new members to groups.

My suggestion is to give the option to enable a campaign specific profile question - that would automatically add the person to a campaign group.

Front End Improvements

Create Member and Group Paywall Options

Allow sites to include a paywall for membership of a community or group.

This wont be for everyone, but it will assist some sites to monetization or cost recover - particularly public sites associated with crowdfunding solutions, franchises or other network based businesses, and not for profits.

This might need to be associated with upgrades to the functionality of Groups to allow certain site features, levels of activity... more »