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Front End Improvements

Gamification - leaderboard, badges Implemented

We're trying to really use the gamification module as a motivation tool for our employees. At the moment the point/badgessystem is not really visible.

Maybe we could have a box to the side where there are a few options:
- Show the top 5 contributors for this month/for this year. Profile should include name and photo.
- Show the users who have just unlocked a badge

This would really help to change a culture. If I'm... more »

Gamification/Motivation/Leaderboard 2.0

Kudos future release - customized leadership emojis for customers

As we've discussed rev I think 2.0 could include customized emoji options for clients. i.e. If Western Power wanted to allow their Execs to add fuel to ideas, they could comment on their addition to the business case, and give a relevant emoji. In Western Power's case, this could be a lightning bolt! This drive leadership to get into the platform, and also gives idea submitters that good feeling knowing leadership... more »


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