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Moderation & Administration

Add/manage funnels from within campaign

This is more an observation rather than a suggestion - When creating a new campaign I was not expecting to need to first add a funnel elsewhere. I was expecting to create the funnel as part of the workflow of creating that campaign.

After creating the new funnel elsewhere I launched the campaign and submitted a new idea to it but forgot to assign the newly created funnel to the campaign.

That being said, the concept... more »

Front End Improvements

Introduce additional division options in the stage funnel

I'm building a very complex stage funnel with many stages and functionalities. I love the feature that you can drag stages to visually indicate separation between groups of stages / front and back end.

Would it be possible to give the option to set even more separations - maybe even with a group heading?

Moderation & Administration

Fix the disconnect between WorkFlows and Campaigns

Campaigns are set up in one section of the platform (Engagement) and you are walked though Challenge Statement/ Brief/ Idea Submission/Funnel/Moderation / Launch etc. Great. One-stop-shop.

However, you need to go to another area ( Workflow) to set up a funnel. Then when you want to moderate the campaign you can go to Moderation pain EXCEPT when you need to look at FUND status or REVIEW SCALE status at which time you... more »