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Moderation & Administration

To show mod the user who Report Abuse or 'flag' a comment/idea Implemented

Currently, the 'Report Abuse' notification is sent to all moderators via email should a community user flag a particular comment/idea.

Moderator will then have to approve the comment/idea again once checked there are no particular issues with this.

Is it possible to make known the user who reported abuse or flagged the comment/idea to ONLY moderators? more »

Front End Improvements

Require those who flag an idea as a duplicate to flag both ideas

It is a frequent occurrence that an idea is flagged as a duplicate and we cannot find an idea that we can identify as the duplicate. We are left with no choice but to return the idea to the Active status.


Please require the member who flags an idea as duplicate to find the matching idea they consider to be the duplicate so moderators can make an informed decision.