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Front End Improvements

Allow Sorting of Ideas by Vote (Yes, No, Not Yet Voted) Selected

I've been using IdeaScale for a conference's proposed sessions, but it's incredibly frustrating that each time I return to review the 400+ session ideas that I'm presented with "random" ideas I've already voted on.


Please allow for sorting of ideas by whether we've voted on them or not, or even how we voted, so that we can revisit.

Team Building

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Moderation & Administration

Curse Filtering - Admin added Blocked Words in addition to Auto-Moderated Implemented

How about adding an opt in box for Admins only to change the Curse Filtering - Auto-Moderate to behave the same way as the default 7 words that are blocked do and/or provide a separate section for additional blocked words vs the Auto-Moderated words for moderators to approve.

Front End Improvements

Sort/Filter Search results by specific criteria

Search results don't seem to have any real sense of order (my current search results have 251, 0, 0, 111, 0, and 1117 votes and include 3 different development statuses). I think admins should be able to determine the default sort criteria for Search results and users should be able to toggle between different orders.

Some examples would include, sort by: votes/popularity, activity (most comments), category, date... more »

Front End Improvements

Add filtering to idea owner

As idea owner, we need to filter all ideas assigned to us. Moderators should also be able to filter ideas based on idea owners. If we can add this functionality, it will be a great help for us. Right now, we are tacking ideas assigned to us on xls, based on the email we have received when an idea is assigned to us.

Moderation & Administration

Sorting and Filtering in Incoming Moderation and Idea Portfolio Moderation Apps

The following Moderation App enhancements would be helpful:

  1. Allow all columns to be sortable in both the Incoming Moderation and Idea Portfolio apps

  2. Expand the filtering options in Incoming Moderation to match the options available in Idea Portfolio

Front End Improvements

Search/Filter Users Bug/User Experience Solution

In the Search/Filter Users on the admin page it would be great to have in custom fields created for user profiles to have a "Select--" option or "Clear search field" button if one no longer wants to filter by that custom field.


Currently if you select a custom field drop down item the only way to return to all users without a filter active is to select Users tab or Community to refresh the page.

Front End Improvements

Search: Make it possible to exclude Completed Ideas from searche Implemented

When we are mining the idea community for potential enhancments or related active suggestions, our searches bring back results from all of the Completed ideas as well.


I understand the desire to search Completed ideas, but we need a way to specify whether to include or exclude Completed ideas from searches.