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Front End Improvements

Move custom fields data to display BELOW idea description Implemented

When an idea is submitted with custom fields data, that data comes into the idea detail page above the idea description. Since custom fields data is most often supplementary to the idea being submitted, it would make more sense that this info would be displayed BELOW the idea description. See image:

Moderation & Administration

add custom fields for only internal/moderator use Implemented

Our company wants to add some information to ideas, such as our internal enhancement request tracking number, the product build number in which an idea is implemented, and internal notes on the idea verdict (e.g. why we rejected it, suggestions on how to implement it, etc.). We can add this information with custom fields, but we don't want our customers to edit them. The moderator should be the only one who can edit them.... more »

Front End Improvements

Add "date" datatype for custom fields Implemented

As a moderator, I would like to record the date that an idea has been matured and accepted by our Innovation Management Team to initiate a project for implementation.


Also suggest to have a "date picker" feature available for entering the date.

Front End Improvements

Option for friendlier name than email

The standard community settings use the members first half of their email address as the name that displays when they submit an idea. This ends up in a very strange set of "users" who are participating in a community, that does not support our company's goal of transparency and authenticity. I collect the user's first and last name as custom fields, I would like to be able to use a custom field as their display name,... more »

Front End Improvements

Google Maps integration for custom location fields in the Idea Submission forms

I think it would be great to include the integration of Google Maps for physical locations. Google Maps has a rich database of physical addresses that Users can reference from in Submission forms.