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Moderation & Administration

Idea Deletion Comments/Reason viewable to poster only

Currently Ideas when they are deleted just disappear. It would be great and a better experience to the people submitting ideas to be able to provide feedback on ideas as to why the post was deleted next to the removal indication in the activity stream of the user.

Front End Improvements

More Detail for the Deletion Message Prompt

Currently when deleting a post, user, etc the prompt to make sure you just do not delete right away says "are you sure". It would be better to provide more specifics to the prompt like "Are you sure you want to delete Jon WhatsInAName from the user list".

Use case I am deleted persons from the user account and I am not sure which delete I clicked upon. The deletion prompt should indicate which one I chose so I know... more »

Moderation & Administration

Moderating after Community is Inactive Implemented

Even when a community is inactive, moderators may still be adjudicating comments and may wish to advise a users of the results of a moderating action.

For instance, in a community I operate, we are adjudicating the comments and wish to advise users of the disposition of their comments. Currently, when a community is inactive, moderators cannot add comments explaining their action when moving an idea to another status.... more »

Moderation & Administration

Moderator comment before approving for community view

In a community that has comment moderation it would be helpful to have the ability for moderators to comment to the poster.

Currently moderators can approve a post or deny a post. In a situation such as government there are posts that mix good ideas with political statements. It would be helpful if moderators could inform poster that their post does not conform to the terms they have agreed to and they have two options... more »

Front End Improvements

Provide more feedback when approving or rejecting links

I share responsibilities with another moderator to approve new Account requests and new Idea submissions that require approval. It is very hard to figure out where one person left off, and where to resume.

I've noticed lately that the links provided in the email notifications expire very quickly. That is frustrating, but more frustrating is that I don't seem to be able to find out whether a particular account or idea... more »