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Make Campaign Leaderboard Report Exportable for a Calendar Year

There should be an easy way to export a list of just all campaign titles, launch date, end date, and the corresponding total number of ideas, votes, and comments in the community. Currently, we have to export all of our ideas and comments and make reports manually, but frequently we just need to know the titles, number of votes and comments for a given fiscal year or calendar year.
We see some stats on the Campaign Leaderboard,... more »

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export reports and flexible dashboard reporting

IdeaScale has some built-in reporting on usage statistics (number of new users, number of new ideas, number of ideas per category, etc), but I can't control the report criteria or export them. My company needs to do monthly reporting on:
- Number of new ideas
- Number of new users
- Number of ideas per status

Annual and weekly reporting would be nice too. All of these reports should be exported to Excel or at... more »

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Rename & sort couple of export settings

The terms used for sub settings under data exports look similar and it makes me difficult to differentiate it.

For example 'export idea data' and 'Ideascale data export', 'schedule idea data export' and 'schedule ideascale data export'. I would suggest to rename & reorder it as shown in attached image so that it is easy to navigate & find the correct report without confusion

Moderation & Administration

Include moderator and admin roles in exports

Ideally exports with member data would include admin, custom admin, and moderation assignments for each community member.

Currently we allow for "include groups" on the IdeaScale Member Data Export, the new setting could be a switch similar to this. In the export there would be a column for "assignments" including admin, custom admin, global moderator, campaigns the individual moderates, and groups they moderate. It... more »

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Enable exporting of tagged ideas from tag cloud

Currently you are only able to export all ideas or campaigns, however it would be great if you could export all ideas associated to a particular tag or small group of tags, rather than having to export all ideas then filter off what you require. eg export all ideas tagged under rosters. With over 3000 ideas, we have a very large tag list which is cumbersome to export then filter off.