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Gamification/Motivation/Leaderboard 2.0

Badges 2.0 aka rewards

Idea for enhancement to the leaderboard. What if in addition to gamifying the platform with the leaderboard, the leaderboard could also be used to administer rewards. This isn't a fully developed idea but I'm thinking something similar to how we use tacos in slack. Certain activities in the platform would be rewarded with points. Then you could use those points and redeem them for awards. Something like instead of... more »


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Front End Improvements

What's new - see what has happened since last login

Is it possible to implement a 'What's new' feature where people can see what has happened since their last login?

So they could immediatelly see on what ideas others voted, what has been commented etc. etc.

My clients are currently a bit confused because they don't really know what to do when coming to the plattform. Seeing stuff that is currently discussed, commented, voted on etc. would help them to find their way... more »

Front End Improvements

Guiding users once they have reset their password

We have had a few users now that get "stuck" when resetting their password. It seems that once they have created their new password, a pop up bar notification appears at the top indicating that they were successful, but the rest of the screen remains unchanged.

This results in the user thinking that they weren't successful and trying to reset their password a 2nd time and then they get the notification that they can... more »

Front End Improvements

More Detail for the Deletion Message Prompt

Currently when deleting a post, user, etc the prompt to make sure you just do not delete right away says "are you sure". It would be better to provide more specifics to the prompt like "Are you sure you want to delete Jon WhatsInAName from the user list".

Use case I am deleted persons from the user account and I am not sure which delete I clicked upon. The deletion prompt should indicate which one I chose so I know... more »

Moderation & Administration

Idea Deletion Comments/Reason viewable to poster only

Currently Ideas when they are deleted just disappear. It would be great and a better experience to the people submitting ideas to be able to provide feedback on ideas as to why the post was deleted next to the removal indication in the activity stream of the user.

Gamification/Motivation/Leaderboard 2.0

Monthly Leaderboard in Sidebar

Allow for the Monthly Leaderboard to be displayed in the Sidebar (where the Historical Leaderboard is currently), so the most active, current participants see their names on the Front Page. This would help encourage continued participation, especially for new community members who would take years to get to top 10 of the Historical Leaderboard.


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