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Front End Improvements

Tagging for Custom Pages

It would be useful when creating a blog custom page to be able to tag.


For tagging, when someone clicked on a tag it would not only populate the submitted ideas around that topic but also any blog posts or custom pages. For instance maybe the tag is "resources", your search would not only populate submitted ideas, but also link to an FAQ page with resources on it.

Front End Improvements

Add profile questions option to Infographic

It would be nice to customize infographic based on profile questions. It will help to see various group participation and encourage friendly competition among groups which in turn will help with engagement.

Moderation & Administration

Tracking Different Metrics

As an admin for my IdeaScale community, I have struggled with finding the exact data points I want. Although the dashboard in Community Settings is helpful, it does not have the specific data points I am most interested in. I am trying to measure engagement and participation, so while the number of comments and ideas is useful I am also interested in the below:

Number of instances where a user "@" tags another user... more »

Front End Improvements

Campaign Level Widget customization and Look and Feel

Community and campaigns should have a similar look and feel when it comes to colors and basic information. When it comes to widgets that information can vary. In the first two campaigns we have launched one is very transparent and we want to show campaign activity and stages for the other most of the process is internal so we don't want to publicly show stages and campaign activities.

Currently we have a cookie cutter... more »

Front End Improvements

Incorporate Real World Collaboration Into Idea Submission

Has a light-bulb ever gone off during a meeting, presentation, or conversation with colleagues? What about your scribbled notes, whiteboard sessions, or other artifacts from one of the above collaborations? Perhaps there is a way to document those artifacts by snapping a picture, and attaching it to an idea. What if from any sort of meeting, there would be a take-away you could photograph and use on the ideascale platform?... more »

Moderation & Administration

Let Moderators Send Bulk Emails for Their Campaigns!

Add the ability for moderators to send emails to all members of their campaigns. This would take some pressure off of the Admins and create more collaboration & interaction by allowing moderators to interact more frequently with everyone participating in a campaign.

Moderation & Administration

Add Last Login to the member moderation list Selected

When reviewing a list of members from the member search, It would be nice to see the last time that member has logged in. It currently shows when they registered, but not when they last logged in. Additionally in the search for member perhaps have an option to find all users who have not logged in since #date# so that we could contact these with some marketing material to restart their participation. Currently the... more »

Team Building

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Front End Improvements

Clear Front Page Report on Implemented Ideas

Of all the things that prove the value of an innovation community, it is implemented ideas. This should be something that is by-default in all communities so that the value is obvious and the behavior of implementing ideas is embedded in an IdeaScale community.