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Front End Improvements

Incorporate Real World Collaboration Into Idea Submission

Has a light-bulb ever gone off during a meeting, presentation, or conversation with colleagues? What about your scribbled notes, whiteboard sessions, or other artifacts from one of the above collaborations? Perhaps there is a way to document those artifacts by snapping a picture, and attaching it to an idea. What if from any sort of meeting, there would be a take-away you could photograph and use on the ideascale platform?... more »

Front End Improvements

System messaging during registration when new Users are having password difficulties

We have received queries from our Users who are stuck at the "Set Your Password" screen as the software does not indicate what they are doing wrong e.g. typing in a shorter password than required. It would be great from a User experience point of view that the system indicates to them that the password is either non-compliant (e.g. Your password is too short; Your password requires a capital letter; Your password requires... more »