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Moderation & Administration

Let Moderators Send Bulk Emails for Their Campaigns!

Add the ability for moderators to send emails to all members of their campaigns. This would take some pressure off of the Admins and create more collaboration & interaction by allowing moderators to interact more frequently with everyone participating in a campaign.

Front End Improvements

Easily notify groups when an idea advances to a certain stage

I believe there is value in adding a more straightforward option to notify a certain group when an idea advances to a certain stage. In my head, this looks like an additional field/switch to the 'edit stage' page that reads something like, 'Notify a group when an idea hits this stage' -- then if that switch is turned on, there is a group drop-down.

Imagine you have a group of senior leaders, community admins could set... more »

Front End Improvements

Better email/unsubscribe controls for users and admins

Broadcast email to users is pretty flawed right now. Users need an "unsubscribe" option or at least "Update my mail preferences" link. I sent one broadcast mail to our users - and several answered that they wanted to be taken off the list.

AND/OR - for broadcast list it should give me the option to send only to users who have opted in to weekly or daily updates (in other words, to exclude members who have already said... more »

Moderation & Administration

Show how many users have subscribed to broadcast email.

Community administrator can set default broadcast preference for new members but later user has ability to disable broadcast subscription from profile section. It would be helpful for administrator to know updated information on number of broadcast subscriber just like our current digest subscriber option (refer attachment) It would help us troubleshoot when number of broadcast email sent from broadcast email log does... more »

Front End Improvements

Option to create @ mention submission field in ideate stage

During submission it would be extremely valuable to be able to create @ mention custom fields.

Could be used for the submitter to notify a manager - could also be an email field where the system then automatically sends a notification.

Moderation & Administration

Allow customization of Email Digest notification to local timing

As IdeaScale is being used worldwide, I find that there is a need to allow Moderators to be able to customize the sending/publishing of Email Digest notification to cater and suit to their local timing.

For e.g. my daily email digest notification is usually sent out at 1.39am to 1.57am, SGT and it could cause a disturbance to those who keep their phone turned on all the time to receive important emails.

Usually global... more »


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Moderation & Administration

Option for sending custom e-mails when the idea enters to the next stage

Option for sending custom e-mails when the idea enters to the next stage in a particular campaign
This email trigger feature could be integrated into stages settings or an action item in the Automation builder
(The campaign user group is different - why use the same message for all)
Request from Elsevier

Front End Improvements

Enable auto recognition of users' names when emailing them ideas

When I email an idea to a colleague using the [email] link under the idea title, I have to type in their full email address - big pain and quite clunky. If all our users are in the system already, why can't I just type in 'john' and have all the users with 'john' in their profile come up so I can select the one I want? Tagging people in the comments section of an idea works this way, but not in the email section.