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Moderation & Administration

Group Management

This is with regards to Group Management- I would be more than happy to get on a call with you or any tech POC from ideascale and explain my suggestions.

1. Only 10 groups can be seen at a time, so if the desired group is on page 4 then you have to click 4 times and reach the desired group – Suggestion - you can increase the limit, there is a lot of place on the page to accommodate a larger list

2. After reaching the... more »
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Front End Improvements

Always display category drop-downs for moderators Implemented

If moderators could always view the category field as a drop-down everywhere in the UI instead of a link (thereby skipping the 'edit idea' step), that would increase the efficiency of organizing ideas. Editing miscategorized ideas just to give them in the correct label is a huge time sink, currently.

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Moderation & Administration

Ability to Edit Comments Pending Moderation Implemented

When an idea or comment is flagged for moderator review, based on the content, it would be beneficial if the moderators were able to remove the offensive text that triggered the idea / comment to be reviewed and then add it into the pool. This would allow us to retain the idea, but trim the unnecessary text. Currently, it appears as though we can either Accept or Reject the comment / idea, which aren't always ideal options.... more »