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Moderation & Administration

Build Your Own Report: Drag & Drop Selected

What if we created a "Build Your Own Report" (BYOR) option to replace the Reports tab with a single view that allows administrators to create their own reports with all our current data points available in a drag & drop function. The current view of the Reports tab is often confusing with all types of reports. This single view could allow for data points to be the main variables while the function (viewing and exporting... more »

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Moderation & Administration

export reports and flexible dashboard reporting

IdeaScale has some built-in reporting on usage statistics (number of new users, number of new ideas, number of ideas per category, etc), but I can't control the report criteria or export them. My company needs to do monthly reporting on:
- Number of new ideas
- Number of new users
- Number of ideas per status

Annual and weekly reporting would be nice too. All of these reports should be exported to Excel or at... more »

Moderation & Administration

Bring back old idea moderation features Implemented

I like that there have been some new changes to the dashboards, but now it's very hard to find ideas that have been flagged and that go into the "pending" stage. Before, it was very easy to tell which ideas had been flagged and why, whereas now the chat-looking dashboard shows all ideas that have had any changes and can't be filtered (which can be a challenge when you have 1000+ ideas in the community).

Moderation & Administration

Metrics and Dashboards

Idea is to have a report/dashboard on certain metrics


For example we need metrics on (cf. examples attached):

- number of ideas per year per custom field

- number of ideas submitted per user per year & by custom field

- number of likes (Top 5 ideas)

- number of ideas by phase by custom field

- average number of days per phase

Front End Improvements

Auto-space after at-tagging Selected

When you at-tag a user the cursor sits at the end of that user's name. As a result, you have to hit space to successfully at-tag that person. This experience feels a little off. When you at-tag someone, what if it auto-spaced so that you can continue typing more naturally. As an example, Slack works this way.

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Moderation & Administration

After performing actions on selected ideas in portfolio the checkbox on selected idea should be unticked

After performing actions on selected ideas in the idea portfolio or members in the member dashboard, the checkbox on a selected idea or members should be unticked as the action item is done. the dashboard should be refresh and ready for other actions. currently, we have to untick the checkbox manually


Similarly, this should apply for member management panel

Moderation & Administration

Campaign Administrator Data Export & Reporting

Since the platform allows to name global / campaign group / campaign administrators, it was requested by a client that a campaign administrator be able to export data only for the campaign(s) they admin; and for the dashboard only to show data for their campaigns.
The case for this is that a company may have several business units running their respective campaigns within one community and each B.U. administrators should... more »