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Front End Improvements

Ready-made Community Themes Implemented

A range of ready-made ideascale themes that will allow SMB (or non-technical users) to tailor look and feel. Maybe such themes could be submitted by users for approval and shared?


To negate layout issues and speed up the approval process, I'd suggest these would be limited to simple color/font overrides or variables (SASS).

Front End Improvements

Email of "new ideas digest" should be customizable Implemented

The weekly email I receive from this community is very ugly (i.e., it has little formatting and no, nice branding or look-and-feel).


It would be nice if I could customize the emails that get sent to my community so that they look more professional.


Also, I'd like to be able to add a introductory sentence or header to it so that my community knows what this is (especially for new members).

Front End Improvements

Please stop using inline styles in the community page code

There are many elements in the IdeaScale-authored code for ideas communities that include element-specific inline styles. This is particularly problematic on content elements that have no specific id property defined.

It is extremely difficult to override these inline styles in any kind of general fashion. Quite some time ago, IdeaScale entirely removed the ability to use inline styles in the custom content we can... more »

Gamification/Motivation/Leaderboard 2.0

Monthly Leaderboard in Sidebar

Allow for the Monthly Leaderboard to be displayed in the Sidebar (where the Historical Leaderboard is currently), so the most active, current participants see their names on the Front Page. This would help encourage continued participation, especially for new community members who would take years to get to top 10 of the Historical Leaderboard.


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Moderation & Administration

What's it called?

It would be helpful to have a list of what IdeaScale calls different parts of the community for customization purposes. For example, the banner at the top of the page has the banner image and logo, but what do you call the "Welcome" and "Ideas" listed below that? It would make finding things we want to change in the HTML pages much simpler.

Front End Improvements

Undo option

This came up when customizing an idea submission form. A custom field was removed inadvertently, and because it was a mistake, the admin wasn't sure which field was missing. An undo button would make a mistake quick to rectify.

I think an undo feature would be helpful in a lot of areas of our software: editing a campaign, editing an idea submission form, editing a funnel, changing customization settings, updating community... more »