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Front End Improvements

Ready-made Community Themes Implemented

A range of ready-made ideascale themes that will allow SMB (or non-technical users) to tailor look and feel. Maybe such themes could be submitted by users for approval and shared?


To negate layout issues and speed up the approval process, I'd suggest these would be limited to simple color/font overrides or variables (SASS).

Front End Improvements

Expose default CSS

I have no problem with the default CSS Layout, however there are some minor adjustments that are sometimes necessary.
So just in order to add something small/custom to the main page I basically need to start from scratch with a brand new CSS.

Ideascale should expose the default CSS to annual/enterprise members so we can make those small adjustments easily enough without having to rebuild the community from the ground... more »

Front End Improvements

Please stop using inline styles in the community page code

There are many elements in the IdeaScale-authored code for ideas communities that include element-specific inline styles. This is particularly problematic on content elements that have no specific id property defined.

It is extremely difficult to override these inline styles in any kind of general fashion. Quite some time ago, IdeaScale entirely removed the ability to use inline styles in the custom content we can... more »

Front End Improvements

Allow enterprise customers to edit html and css of landing page

Enterprise customers should be allowed to request access to customize the html and css of the landing page (same privileges the administrators have to edit code) so that we can alter the look and feel of the landing page on our own. If this is not possible, then landing page changes should be included for enterprise customers, and should not be an extra charge.