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Front End Improvements

Live Chat

Have a live chat feature (like facebook's chat that pops up when you are on Facebook) on all campaigns and challenges where all the members currently active on the community can engage in a real-time discussion of ideas before submitting an official one. It could also make for an easier means of communication between moderators/administrators and the community members instead of having to rely on just broadcast emails... more »

Front End Improvements

Saving an Idea Submission Draft Message

Currently when submitting an idea and choosing "save as draft", a pop up box appears stating "You are about to submit this idea. If you are not ready please click Cancel." This text is misleading since the user is not in fact submitting the idea, but rather is attempting to save a draft. My idea is to edit this wording to reflect the correct action.


Awaiting Refinement
In Progress

Front End Improvements

email address pick list from inside the idea

If you want to email an idea to another user in the community from WITHIN the idea, you have no way of picking the persons email address. You have to know what the exact email address Please provide a pick list of available email addresses. Like you would if you wanted to send a private message.


See attached image of the email icon I am speaking of.