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Front End Improvements


Happy New Year 2014 to you all!
May I please be allowed to submit an engineering suggestion to your Support Team and Developers to consider? It has to do with the placement of the COMMENT CONTROL BOX at the bottom of the candidate’s IDEA page. It is making it very difficult for VOTERS to submit COMMENTS for the Innovation they are voting for. Is it possible to bring the COMMENT CONTROL BOX from the bottom of the Idea... more »

Front End Improvements

To display comments on the main ideate page

A person may be browsing thru the campaigns which has many ideas. To read every comment made he/she has to click thru each of the campaigns which is not an ideal user experience.


One proposal is to allow pinned or recent comments (up to 3 perhaps?) to be showed alongside with the idea. (Similar to how facebook shows their comments on the posts)

Front End Improvements

End Users Should Know when Identity is Hidden

When an end user has opted to hide-their-identity they should see a visual representation that their identity is currently being hidden. Such as in the top right corner...IdeaScale should be able to reassure to the user that the user is hiding their identity.

Moderation & Administration

Moderator comment before approving for community view

In a community that has comment moderation it would be helpful to have the ability for moderators to comment to the poster.

Currently moderators can approve a post or deny a post. In a situation such as government there are posts that mix good ideas with political statements. It would be helpful if moderators could inform poster that their post does not conform to the terms they have agreed to and they have two options... more »

Front End Improvements

Threaded comments on Ideas

Our platform runs on the basis of collaboration, and one of the most obvious ways of doing that is commenting on a submitted idea. I believe this feature can be improved. Let's take an example from reddit, because I believe most of us have used it.
In reddit, the comments are arranged in a tree like structure, known as threads. Threaded comments help us understand the context of a reply. Currently, IdeaScale has 2 levels... more »

Moderation & Administration

Enable Moderator/Admins to Post Clickable URLs in Descriptions and Comments Implemented

Enable Moderators and Admin to post links and attachments in their comments and in category descriptions.


This feature would be helpful when more information is being written than a field can hold such as the category description or when directing someone to a resource/page for more information.

Moderation & Administration

Rate the value in a comment

Today, anyone are able to upvote a comment. But that didn't say anything about how much value the author of the idea has received from the comment.


I suggest an easy bar where the author could rate the value of the comment which also could generate "co-creation" points to the person who have commented.

Moderation & Administration

Allow comments in Archived Campaigns and Archive Stages

Ideally, both Archive Type Stages and Campaigns which have been Archived would have a setting to allow for comments.

Archive Stage: This would be similar to the "Ideate" stage where admin can configure "permission to view", "permission to participate", and "allow comments" at the stage level.

Archived/Expire Campaign: These settings already exist within the community. Ideally, once a campaign expires, ability to comment,... more »

Front End Improvements

Turn off comment emails

I would like to have a way to turn off email notifications pushed to idea submitters. I toggled all of the email options off in my community and reset all profiles to default for these options but my users continue to get email comments. The folks from IdeaScale Chat Support have explained that is part of the design of the platform. Please fix this. joshyezzi

Front End Improvements

Emoji while typing ideas and/or comments

I really like feature putting emojis and other rich text formatting in ideas and comments. But how if we can show the actual emoji just after typing or selecting from the given search box while submitting/editing idea and comment


Let's say, I'm putting a ☀️ emoji here. (I know, as a viewer you can see the sun) but I cannot see before submitting my ideas and comments. We in fact can see Other rich text formatting before... more »