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Front End Improvements

To display comments on the main ideate page

A person may be browsing thru the campaigns which has many ideas. To read every comment made he/she has to click thru each of the campaigns which is not an ideal user experience.


One proposal is to allow pinned or recent comments (up to 3 perhaps?) to be showed alongside with the idea. (Similar to how facebook shows their comments on the posts)

Front End Improvements

Language Selector When Dynamic Translation Turned ON Implemented

I understand that the language selector in the comments is meant for the ability to comment in different languages. However, it does not make sense for it to still be there IF dynamic translation is turned on. A couple of our users have found this feature confusing. :)


It would be good if that language selector disappeared when dynamic translation is turned on.

Front End Improvements

Threaded comments on Ideas

Our platform runs on the basis of collaboration, and one of the most obvious ways of doing that is commenting on a submitted idea. I believe this feature can be improved. Let's take an example from reddit, because I believe most of us have used it.
In reddit, the comments are arranged in a tree like structure, known as threads. Threaded comments help us understand the context of a reply. Currently, IdeaScale has 2 levels... more »

Front End Improvements


Happy New Year 2014 to you all!
May I please be allowed to submit an engineering suggestion to your Support Team and Developers to consider? It has to do with the placement of the COMMENT CONTROL BOX at the bottom of the candidate’s IDEA page. It is making it very difficult for VOTERS to submit COMMENTS for the Innovation they are voting for. Is it possible to bring the COMMENT CONTROL BOX from the bottom of the Idea... more »

Front End Improvements

A way to create FOMO?

FOMO - Fear of Missing Out.  A colleague told me that some news sites like the Wall Street Journal will let you see part of a story and then it fades out and you are given the option to read the rest by registering or logging in.  For our current campaign, people can view posted ideas in their entirety but cannot comment on them or post new ideas without registration.  I wonder if this method of allowing people to see... more »