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Front End Improvements

To display comments on the main ideate page

A person may be browsing thru the campaigns which has many ideas. To read every comment made he/she has to click thru each of the campaigns which is not an ideal user experience.


One proposal is to allow pinned or recent comments (up to 3 perhaps?) to be showed alongside with the idea. (Similar to how facebook shows their comments on the posts)

Front End Improvements

Annotations (formerly known as the The Super Comment) Implemented

Give Moderators the ability to promote a Comment from the Comment stream to be part of the idea detail. Thinking about Moderators that want to communicate to Members that an idea has (or has not) moved forward. This selected comment would be "elevated" by a Moderator. Any comment from any Member could be elevated, not just from Moderators. This feature will be open ended so it could also be used if you have a great... more »

Moderation & Administration

Allow moderators to comment on all ideas, regardless of status Implemented

Moderators should not have to change the status of an idea just to comment on it when it isn't in an interactive state (pending, completed, closed, etc.) If I'm moving an idea directly from pending to completed, I'd like to bypass moving the idea to 'Active' just to comment before changing it to 'Completed'.

Moderation & Administration

allow users to reply to comment thread via email

When IdeaScale user "follow" and idea on which they've commented, they receive emails when subsequent comments or attachments are left at the idea. (They also receive notification of idea status change).


Some online comment threads (blogs, forums, support portals) like IdeaScale's enable users to post directly back to the thread via the emails they receive. Would you please consider enabling this function?

Front End Improvements


Happy New Year 2014 to you all!
May I please be allowed to submit an engineering suggestion to your Support Team and Developers to consider? It has to do with the placement of the COMMENT CONTROL BOX at the bottom of the candidate’s IDEA page. It is making it very difficult for VOTERS to submit COMMENTS for the Innovation they are voting for. Is it possible to bring the COMMENT CONTROL BOX from the bottom of the Idea... more »

Moderation & Administration

Separate abuse notification thresholds for ideas/comments

I'd like to configure different reporting thresholds, as ideas are more visible than comments and thus receive different volume of abuse reports.


I don't know exactly what the current threshold is that causes 'active' ideas to turn into 'pending' ideas, but I'd like to configure this in the same way that reported comments appear in the admin panel.

Moderation & Administration

Ability to Edit Comments Pending Moderation Implemented

When an idea or comment is flagged for moderator review, based on the content, it would be beneficial if the moderators were able to remove the offensive text that triggered the idea / comment to be reviewed and then add it into the pool. This would allow us to retain the idea, but trim the unnecessary text. Currently, it appears as though we can either Accept or Reject the comment / idea, which aren't always ideal options.... more »