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Front End Improvements

IdeaScale Mobile App (iOS / Android)

Hi Team,


Suggest to have an app version of IdeaScale for iOS and Android users. A big chunk of our employees are non-office based hence they interact to ideaScale using their mobile devices.

Having an app should give a better user experience overall. (eliminates having to remember community URLs, key in password, occasional alignment / wrapping of text issue etc.)



Front End Improvements

Auto-space after at-tagging Selected

When you at-tag a user the cursor sits at the end of that user's name. As a result, you have to hit space to successfully at-tag that person. This experience feels a little off. When you at-tag someone, what if it auto-spaced so that you can continue typing more naturally. As an example, Slack works this way.

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Front End Improvements

Community sidebar information on the mobile device

The community sidebar contains lots of useful information like - Social Web, Campaign Activity, etc. I can see this information on the desktop view but can't view it from the mobile device. So far I know, most of the users use mobile devices to browse ideas, even I also often browse from my mobile device to check new ideas. It'd be great if we can introduce all sidebar information on mobile devices.... more »