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Front End Improvements

More reminder notification options (lookback)

The customizable "loopback notifications" is a powerful tools for the community administrator to help target stagnated ideas. (

I propose three improvements to this feature.

1. Make this notification available not only for stagnated ideas by time, but also by vote, comment or other. Perhaps this notification could be trigger-able with... more »

Moderation & Administration

Add/manage funnels from within campaign

This is more an observation rather than a suggestion - When creating a new campaign I was not expecting to need to first add a funnel elsewhere. I was expecting to create the funnel as part of the workflow of creating that campaign.

After creating the new funnel elsewhere I launched the campaign and submitted a new idea to it but forgot to assign the newly created funnel to the campaign.

That being said, the concept... more »

Front End Improvements

Add ability to have multiple campaign owners

Right now there can only be one person as the Campaign Owner. But often times we have multiple campaign owners (co-sponsorship) for cross collaboration campaigns. Having the ability to show the whole sponsorship/owners listed will properly indicate that this is a co-sponsored effort and give recognition to/identify all the "owners" involved in the cross collaboration.

Moderation & Administration

Conditional Selection for Custom Fields Selected

When creating custom fields we would like the ability to be able to have a selection determine the next set of available selections and so on down the tree.




Categories > One, Two

Locations > ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL


Selecting Category One only allows the user to select from Location ABC or DEF. Selecting from Category Two only allows the user to select from Location GHI or JKL.

Team Building

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Front End Improvements

Couldn't find idea when wanted to comment on it

After leaving the app, I thought of a comment I wanted to add to another user's idea. When I returned to the app, however, I found it difficult to find that idea again within the campaign. I stumbled around looking for a place to search ideas, but couldn't find one. I realized that trying to find the search input was especially difficult because this particular campaign had a campaign countdown which was blocking... more »

Front End Improvements

Allow ALL votes to remain when moving ideas from one campaign to another

We move quite a few ideas because they are submitted to the wrong campaign. Because of this, if an idea was in the voting stage in the original campaign and then moved, the votes cast in the first campaign are not counted in the vote box.

We need to count ALL votes not matter what campaign they were cast in. Even if we were given a choice when changing campaigns that asked "Do you want to keep all votes and have them... more »

Moderation & Administration

Add ability to use different images for campaign banner and logo Implemented

Pictures that are optimized for the campaign banner don't always work that well as the campaign logo, and vice versa. Can we add the ability to use different images for each?

Front End Improvements

Make Campaign More Prominent in Idea View

When I'm engaged and thinking about ideas for a particular campaign, I want to explore that campaign even after I've submitted an idea to it. Also, I want easy access back to the campaign page as I'm exploring particular ideas. I know we have the campaigns listed on the side bar, but I think making the campaign more prominent in the idea view will help me immediately jump back to the campaign and continue engaging in... more »

Front End Improvements

View more than one per campaign on the home page

Right now in IdeaScale you can see either 1 campaign or all campaigns. What if you could select which few campaigns you wanted to view in a list? Perhaps you want to see the ideas from three public campaigns mingled together?