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Front End Improvements

sample ideas used to seed a campaign so it is never empty: Welcome! the party has already started, not, "hullo? anybody here?"

Mark a campaign as "Seed" and put example ideas in it that are generic and intended to be copied into new campaigns to seed the activity and avoid empty party appearance.

When creating a new campaign, have an option to clone the ideas, moving them to the new campaign, including all comments and votes, but NO FOLLOWS so that the contributors don't get notifications on their sample ideas.

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Front End Improvements

Campaign Level Widget customization and Look and Feel

Community and campaigns should have a similar look and feel when it comes to colors and basic information. When it comes to widgets that information can vary. In the first two campaigns we have launched one is very transparent and we want to show campaign activity and stages for the other most of the process is internal so we don't want to publicly show stages and campaign activities.

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Moderation & Administration

Add ability to use different images for campaign banner and logo Implemented

Pictures that are optimized for the campaign banner don't always work that well as the campaign logo, and vice versa. Can we add the ability to use different images for each?

Front End Improvements

Add ability to have multiple campaign owners

Right now there can only be one person as the Campaign Owner. But often times we have multiple campaign owners (co-sponsorship) for cross collaboration campaigns. Having the ability to show the whole sponsorship/owners listed will properly indicate that this is a co-sponsored effort and give recognition to/identify all the "owners" involved in the cross collaboration.

Moderation & Administration

Add option to view campaigns in draft mode Implemented

We currently don't have any option for admins/moderators to view campaigns in a draft mode on the front end, i.e. see what the end users will see when the campaign is launched without actually launching it. We do have a workaround, but it'd be nice to make this official, as I get this request all the time.