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Front End Improvements

Disable downvoting for selected campaigns or funnels

We've observed that our Community Members/Campaign Owners are divided over the value of downvotes. Some feel downvotes provide valuable data and added rigour to a discussion, others feel the potential for downvotes discourages participation.

One of our priorities as Administrators is providing a consistent and intuitive user interface. Perhaps if the potential to turn off downvotes could be decided at the campaign or... more »

Front End Improvements

Campaign Banners in Emails Implemented

Currently, when users receive emails for campaign specific comments, ideas, etc; the banner on the email is of the community instead of the campaign. Users may be familiar with the campaign instead of the community and would be confused about what the email is about. It would be nice to have the campaign banner displayed in the email instead of the community banner. joshyezzi

Moderation & Administration

Make Campaign Leaderboard Report Exportable for a Calendar Year

There should be an easy way to export a list of just all campaign titles, launch date, end date, and the corresponding total number of ideas, votes, and comments in the community. Currently, we have to export all of our ideas and comments and make reports manually, but frequently we just need to know the titles, number of votes and comments for a given fiscal year or calendar year.
We see some stats on the Campaign Leaderboard,... more »

Front End Improvements

Move funnel under it's respective campaign in the sidebar

One sidebar improvement would be to have the funnel dropdown (indented), under the campaign you have selected. This way, it is more clear that the funnel exists within that specific campaign, and you can easily navigate to the various stages, all under the same campaign hood.

Moderation & Administration

Add option to view campaigns in draft mode Implemented

We currently don't have any option for admins/moderators to view campaigns in a draft mode on the front end, i.e. see what the end users will see when the campaign is launched without actually launching it. We do have a workaround, but it'd be nice to make this official, as I get this request all the time.

Front End Improvements

Campaign Name in Email Subject Line

Currently when a user receives email, only the Community name is in the subject line. In my company, each department is running their own Campaigns and they are not familiar with the Community name. So the users end up deleting emails, send to junk or report as phishing.


Create an option to use the Campaign name in the subject line instead of the Community so that its recognizable. 😀

Front End Improvements

Add ability to have multiple campaign owners

Right now there can only be one person as the Campaign Owner. But often times we have multiple campaign owners (co-sponsorship) for cross collaboration campaigns. Having the ability to show the whole sponsorship/owners listed will properly indicate that this is a co-sponsored effort and give recognition to/identify all the "owners" involved in the cross collaboration.

Moderation & Administration

Allow setting image focal points

It would be great if campaign administrators were able to select a focal point after uploading the Campaign banner image, so that when the image is auto aligned to the element / view port, the focal point is clearly visible.

I am attaching 4 images to assist with my explanation.

Preview 1 shows the chalk board with the duster and chalk clearly visible, as reflected in the campaign banner image library on the platform.... more »

Moderation & Administration

Add Incentive / Reward Field in Campaign Setup

Create an "Incentive / Reward" field in Campaign Basics panel. One of the best practices we discuss as innovation strategists is how important incentives / rewards are for any crowdsourced program. Last year, the most common incentive used by all IdeaScale innovators was recognition (36%), and 75% of them are used at least recognition as well as a mix of other incentives.

Currently, clients list incentives / rewards... more »

Front End Improvements

"All Ideas" listing limited to campaign groups

At the moment "All Ideas" in the campaign section displays ideas from multiple campaign groups.


It would be good to have a "All Ideas" item per Campaign Group that only shows ideas from campaigns within a group and hide the global "All Ideas" if the user chooses to.

Front End Improvements

campaign creation - consolidate Save and Save and Continue Implemented

During campaign creation, Save and Save and Continue is redundant.
Save should simply save and the page should remain in the same state.


Bug: Save doesn't save - if you select a different campaign configuration change after saving, you get an alert that your changes will be lost. It appears that this save is local and this is confusing - it should be global.


Bug: The alert about unsaved changes appears regardless... more »

Front End Improvements

sample ideas used to seed a campaign so it is never empty: Welcome! the party has already started, not, "hullo? anybody here?"

Mark a campaign as "Seed" and put example ideas in it that are generic and intended to be copied into new campaigns to seed the activity and avoid empty party appearance.

When creating a new campaign, have an option to clone the ideas, moving them to the new campaign, including all comments and votes, but NO FOLLOWS so that the contributors don't get notifications on their sample ideas.

Stretch Goal: Create fake user... more »