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Moderation & Administration

Bulk status changes for moderators Implemented

It would be much easier for a moderator to update idea states if there were bulk actions that could be performed. For example, in moderator view, each idea on a page of 25, 50, etc. ideas would have a checkbox, with a corresponding link at the top and bottom of each page to check/uncheck all. The moderator could then select a status from a drop-down to apply to all checked ideas, thereby mass-moderating a group of comments... more »

Moderation & Administration

Include 'Pending' ideas in search when logged in as moderator Implemented

As a moderator, I've blacklisted certain commonly-duplicated terms to immediately send some ideas to the moderation queue. Unfortunately, 'pending' ideas aren't returned when I search for those specific terms, which makes bulk managing/merging of redundant/miscategorized ideas more complicated than it would be if they did appear here.