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Front End Improvements

User-tagging (@) functionality for private comments (e.g. Team) Implemented

We would like to have a user tagging functionality (@) available for all comments tab!


E.i. not only "Community" comments, but also for "Team" and all other private comment tabs.


Please, support this!

Front End Improvements

When using the Build Team stage, need an easier way to track who team members are for each idea for the given campaign

If a Build Team stage is used, the team members are basically lost once that stage is complete. There is currently no way for the team to be carried through to a later stage and thus users cannot see who is on a team. There is a way to find them in the back end Community Data Export but that is cumbersome for multiple reasons. The worst of them being that the report only runs one month at a time and those reports show... more »

Front End Improvements

Add Ability to Add Team Members Regardless of Stage

When an idea is moved out of the build team stage, the team can no longer be changed. I guess that limitation just doesn’t make sense to me. In real life, teams form, change, down size and plus up throughout the entire process of ideation. Shouldn’t the technology allow people to add team members regardless of what “stage” they are in?


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