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Front End Improvements

Campaign Banners in Emails Implemented

Currently, when users receive emails for campaign specific comments, ideas, etc; the banner on the email is of the community instead of the campaign. Users may be familiar with the campaign instead of the community and would be confused about what the email is about. It would be nice to have the campaign banner displayed in the email instead of the community banner. joshyezzi

Front End Improvements

Campaign Name in Email Subject Line

Currently when a user receives email, only the Community name is in the subject line. In my company, each department is running their own Campaigns and they are not familiar with the Community name. So the users end up deleting emails, send to junk or report as phishing.


Create an option to use the Campaign name in the subject line instead of the Community so that its recognizable. 😀

Front End Improvements

Better email/unsubscribe controls for users and admins

Broadcast email to users is pretty flawed right now. Users need an "unsubscribe" option or at least "Update my mail preferences" link. I sent one broadcast mail to our users - and several answered that they wanted to be taken off the list.

AND/OR - for broadcast list it should give me the option to send only to users who have opted in to weekly or daily updates (in other words, to exclude members who have already said... more »

Moderation & Administration

Show how many users have subscribed to broadcast email.

Community administrator can set default broadcast preference for new members but later user has ability to disable broadcast subscription from profile section. It would be helpful for administrator to know updated information on number of broadcast subscriber just like our current digest subscriber option (refer attachment) It would help us troubleshoot when number of broadcast email sent from broadcast email log does... more »

Front End Improvements

Ability to add individual recipients to the broadcast email Selected

Currently, broadcast emails can only be sent to groups. My suggestion is to add functionality to include individual addresses and to include functional groups (as is available for assigning workflow funnel stages.

My use case is wanting to have non-group members included in the send-to list, and for sending test emails. It reduces a step from having to create and maintain a group for just one person or a handful of people.... more »

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