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Front End Improvements

Custom Attachments to Behave Like Default Attachments Implemented

When swapping the default Attachments question from your idea submission form for a custom one, the custom question should be able to add attachments to the attachments tab, and use the first image as an idea banner. joshyezzi

Moderation & Administration

allow users to reply to comment thread via email

When IdeaScale user "follow" and idea on which they've commented, they receive emails when subsequent comments or attachments are left at the idea. (They also receive notification of idea status change).


Some online comment threads (blogs, forums, support portals) like IdeaScale's enable users to post directly back to the thread via the emails they receive. Would you please consider enabling this function?

Moderation & Administration

Integrate Community Files with Common Cloud File Repositories

Could we have an option to integrate the community files with common file repositories such as Dropbox etc.?


It would make file storage and capacity management significantly easier, avoid concerns and issues of content ownership, and make IdeaScale more attractive as a tool that easily integrates into existing cloud based arrangements.