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Moderation & Administration

auto-advance after assessment

For the assessment stage, it makes sense to me that you would set a criteria such that ideas only with 4 stars (customizable) would advance to the next stage. This quantitative advancement rule seems more relevant than advancing ideas based on them having all assessments complete.

In effect, two rules must be satisfied:
(1) all assessments complete - true
(2) star rating above threshold level - true
--> idea advances.... more »


Awaiting Refinement
In Progress

Front End Improvements

Update the assessment 3-star label in order to be a true Likert scale trending idea

Currently, the assessment 5 stars are skewed towards agreement since the 3-star label is "agree." It should be labeled "neutral" or whatever synonym you prefer. The 1-star label is "strongly disagree" and the 5-star label is "strongly agree." This would normally imply a linear growth in agreement from 1-5 with 4 star as "agree" and the 2 star as "disagree." However, the 3-star label is "agree" which causes the 1-5 growth... more »

Front End Improvements

Allowing Members to Create Their Own Assessments/Polls

This feature would allow members (not administrators) to create their own assessments and polls for their own ideas. This way, additional details and feedback would be provided, and admins would not need to create individual assessments themselves.

Our company is seeking this feature in order to gain more information about the level of interest in ideas among members. The number of upvotes is not enough information for... more »

Moderation & Administration

Export of Assessment Log

When exporting assessments it is only possible to export the individual assessments. Is it possible to have a change incorporated to allow a whole assessment log to be exported. We have our assessments grouped under different logs and it would be great if we could export all of the assessments to send to the relevant business areas responsible for the ideas assessment. I did liaise with the online help, however was... more »