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Front End Improvements

Provide more feedback when approving or rejecting links

I share responsibilities with another moderator to approve new Account requests and new Idea submissions that require approval. It is very hard to figure out where one person left off, and where to resume.

I've noticed lately that the links provided in the email notifications expire very quickly. That is frustrating, but more frustrating is that I don't seem to be able to find out whether a particular account or idea... more »

Front End Improvements

Sort Ideas by Moderator Approval DateTime

The moderator of A moderator will not always approve ideas in the order of submission (our organization has a review process before moderator approval), e.g. some ideas require further review before approval for voting. However, sorting is don’t by idea submission time, and this means that ideas that are approved that were submitted after an earlier filed (but not yet approved submission) will be viewable to those in... more »