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Front End Improvements

Post and Vote Anonymously "On Demand" Implemented

I understand the site allows a member to hide their idenity profile upon registration. As an administrator I've disable this so that it is fully open. Can I have my cake and eat it too? What if members had the option to post or vote anonymously at the time they post an idea or vote on an idea, "On Demand".

Front End Improvements

Be able to select if Anonymous users can vote or submit ideas

I remember that 3 years ago any user can get into our community and submit a new idea or vote on any idea. Now we found out that this has being taken out. We find it particularly very useful as this allows our users to feel free to vote on any idea or submit an idea wiithout the need to register even if registration took only two minutes.
What we will like to have its an option that in a Global level has to boxex.
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Front End Improvements

End Users Should Know when Identity is Hidden

When an end user has opted to hide-their-identity they should see a visual representation that their identity is currently being hidden. Such as in the top right corner...IdeaScale should be able to reassure to the user that the user is hiding their identity.