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Moderation & Administration

Bulk status changes for moderators Implemented

It would be much easier for a moderator to update idea states if there were bulk actions that could be performed. For example, in moderator view, each idea on a page of 25, 50, etc. ideas would have a checkbox, with a corresponding link at the top and bottom of each page to check/uncheck all. The moderator could then select a status from a drop-down to apply to all checked ideas, thereby mass-moderating a group of comments... more »

Front End Improvements

Add an optional tab to show ALL ideas Implemented

Many users of our community want to see ALL ideas, not just those in specific departments or phases of progress. It would be great as the admin to be able to "enable" a tab which shows ALL ideas, identical to what is displayed when you search for "all ideas".


Searching for "all ideas" shows a new tab (called "Search"), which displays all ideas ... this tab could be an optional tab that admins could enable.

Front End Improvements

"All Ideas" listing limited to campaign groups

At the moment "All Ideas" in the campaign section displays ideas from multiple campaign groups.


It would be good to have a "All Ideas" item per Campaign Group that only shows ideas from campaigns within a group and hide the global "All Ideas" if the user chooses to.