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Front End Improvements

Better UX on advanced search ideas form

Current scenario of advanced search ideas form - I can't select multiple forms filed to search for an idea at a time. When I select a filed it automatically refreshes the page and gets the result for me. In each and every field select page automatically refreshes.
It would be better - Please check the Proposed Advanced search ideas image file. After selecting my desired form fields (without page refresh) I will click... more »


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Front End Improvements

Add faceted search for ideas Selected

Improve the search engine to be able to search by more facets: stage, tags, net votes (popularity), volume of comments, hotness, submitter.


Issue came up when we found that we were unable to sort ideas when a moderator tag is selected.


This is to help both users and moderators and helps us to not rely on the Excel reports as much.

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Front End Improvements

Make Advanced Search more obvious and allow more flexibility Implemented

Today in order to see the option to display the advanced search criteria, you have to type something in the search box. The option should always be available to click on and expand that search dialogue. My users are constantly asking how to limit their search returns and once they find it, they depend on it more.

Additionally it would be great to be able to have the option top search on custom fields and to build and/or... more »
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Front End Improvements

Update Idea URL Links for Faster Searching

It would be highly beneficial if the URL links to individual ideas included the idea numbers, NOT the idea names. This would improve faster searching in general and in bulk searching/tagging situations.