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Moderation & Administration

Moderator to assign an idea to another member Implemented

As a moderator (and admin) of my community, I would like to be able to add ideas that I have received using other methods, but assign these ideas to their correct sources as opposed to the ideas appearing as if they come from me.

Is this perhaps possible with the bulk upload of idea function? If so, what if an idea came from someone who is not yet a member of the community?

If this is not already possible, this IDEA... more »

Moderation & Administration

Campaign Administrator Data Export & Reporting

Since the platform allows to name global / campaign group / campaign administrators, it was requested by a client that a campaign administrator be able to export data only for the campaign(s) they admin; and for the dashboard only to show data for their campaigns.
The case for this is that a company may have several business units running their respective campaigns within one community and each B.U. administrators should... more »

Moderation & Administration

Campaign Admins need access to create and modify workflows\funnels for their campaigns

Having workflows admin'd at a higher level than campaign admins is a major issue for organizations that have to adhere to strict separation of duty requirements. The top level admins should be considered the environment administrators and campaign administrators should have all the permissions needed to build, manage, and launch their campaign.

Providing this additional access to campaign admins mean that an organization... more »

Moderation & Administration

Allow Admin to remove / delete person from community

Currently, if a person is added to a community by mistake, there is no way to remove the person from the community.


Once a person is added to a community, they must exist under one of these three statuses: "Pending Approval", "Approved Member", or "Banned".


There is no way to remove a person if they aren't supposed to be on the list at all.