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Moderation & Administration

Allow Admin to remove / delete person from community

Currently, if a person is added to a community by mistake, there is no way to remove the person from the community.


Once a person is added to a community, they must exist under one of these three statuses: "Pending Approval", "Approved Member", or "Banned".


There is no way to remove a person if they aren't supposed to be on the list at all.

Moderation & Administration

Curse Filtering - Admin added Blocked Words in addition to Auto-Moderated Implemented

How about adding an opt in box for Admins only to change the Curse Filtering - Auto-Moderate to behave the same way as the default 7 words that are blocked do and/or provide a separate section for additional blocked words vs the Auto-Moderated words for moderators to approve.

Moderation & Administration

Enable Moderator/Admins to Post Clickable URLs in Descriptions and Comments Implemented

Enable Moderators and Admin to post links and attachments in their comments and in category descriptions.


This feature would be helpful when more information is being written than a field can hold such as the category description or when directing someone to a resource/page for more information.

Moderation & Administration

Resend verification email in bulk to non-verified members Implemented

Many a times verification emails get buried and forgotten under the heap of email in the inbox. How about a way for admin to resent verification/invitation emails to users who have not verified? Currently admin has to export the member excel , sort and re-add the email addresses. A button to sent it will time saving. We already have a way to search members using various filters from Member Management >> Search / Manage... more »

Moderation & Administration

Moderator/Admin allowed to modify Idea Ownership

Allow Moderator/Admin to modify Idea Ownership to other users. Sometimes ideas are sent to moderators/admins, rather than submitted via ideation site. Also, some idea owners have left the organization, and ideas need a new owner to champion the cause.

Front End Improvements

When using the Build Team stage, need an easier way to track who team members are for each idea for the given campaign

If a Build Team stage is used, the team members are basically lost once that stage is complete. There is currently no way for the team to be carried through to a later stage and thus users cannot see who is on a team. There is a way to find them in the back end Community Data Export but that is cumbersome for multiple reasons. The worst of them being that the report only runs one month at a time and those reports show... more »

Front End Improvements

Add an optional tab to show ALL ideas Implemented

Many users of our community want to see ALL ideas, not just those in specific departments or phases of progress. It would be great as the admin to be able to "enable" a tab which shows ALL ideas, identical to what is displayed when you search for "all ideas".


Searching for "all ideas" shows a new tab (called "Search"), which displays all ideas ... this tab could be an optional tab that admins could enable.

Moderation & Administration

Tracking Different Metrics

As an admin for my IdeaScale community, I have struggled with finding the exact data points I want. Although the dashboard in Community Settings is helpful, it does not have the specific data points I am most interested in. I am trying to measure engagement and participation, so while the number of comments and ideas is useful I am also interested in the below:

Number of instances where a user "@" tags another user... more »

Moderation & Administration

Campaign Backups for inadvertently deletions

IdeaScale should offer campaign backup service to provide a recovery mechanism for campaigns that are inadvertently deleted.

As part of our risk management and continuity of operations plan we identified what we consider a major risk. If a campaign, active or inactive is deleted by an admin their is not an ability to recover. Ideas and the campaign configuration are lost. Organizations can limit SOP's and separation... more »

Front End Improvements

Vanishing confirmation messages Selected

One thing I love about IdeaScale is whenever you make changes as an admin, you receive a message/notification confirming that the change you made was successful. This helps assure that whatever change you made actually took effect. One small refinement idea here, though. The only way to remove these confirmation notifications is by Xing them out. To me, it'd make sense if these messages automatically disappeared after... more »

Team Building

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Moderation & Administration

Admin panel needs moderator history

It would be useful for the Admin account to be able to know if other moderators were participating and who/what they did in a single feed.


This also might be a useful feature for moderators in a community to know what may be a trend of actions by a users, but individually each only sees and deals with the situation once. Plus it can be useful in a project manager versus moderation function.

Moderation & Administration

Include moderator and admin roles in exports

Ideally exports with member data would include admin, custom admin, and moderation assignments for each community member.

Currently we allow for "include groups" on the IdeaScale Member Data Export, the new setting could be a switch similar to this. In the export there would be a column for "assignments" including admin, custom admin, global moderator, campaigns the individual moderates, and groups they moderate. It... more »

Front End Improvements

Undo option

This came up when customizing an idea submission form. A custom field was removed inadvertently, and because it was a mistake, the admin wasn't sure which field was missing. An undo button would make a mistake quick to rectify.

I think an undo feature would be helpful in a lot of areas of our software: editing a campaign, editing an idea submission form, editing a funnel, changing customization settings, updating community... more »