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Moderation & Administration

additional email restriction Implemented

We're contemplating both a public and private community discussing similar topics. We'd like to ensure the private community gets input from our internal folks rather than them discussing on the public community. So it would be helpful if there was a reverse email restriction. For our private community only allow registrations with email addresses; for our public community don't allow any email... more »

Front End Improvements

email address pick list from inside the idea

If you want to email an idea to another user in the community from WITHIN the idea, you have no way of picking the persons email address. You have to know what the exact email address Please provide a pick list of available email addresses. Like you would if you wanted to send a private message.


See attached image of the email icon I am speaking of.

Moderation & Administration

Make email address compulsory for private communities Implemented

I would like the team to consider making email addresses compulsory for private communities.

When a user registers via social media channels (twitter and LinkedIn) - they do not have to supply an email address. Although they are prompted to add this information, my suggestion is that this needs to be compulsory.

Being able to identify users that are working within our company is crucial to our community. Not having... more »