Front End Improvements

When using the Build Team stage, need an easier way to track who team members are for each idea for the given campaign

If a Build Team stage is used, the team members are basically lost once that stage is complete. There is currently no way for the team to be carried through to a later stage and thus users cannot see who is on a team. There is a way to find them in the back end Community Data Export but that is cumbersome for multiple reasons. The worst of them being that the report only runs one month at a time and those reports show what happened that month, thus forcing the admin to keep track of what happened over time as opposed to what the final team was.

Ideally, there would be an easy way to download who team members are for each idea on a particular campaign and for the community to be able to see who is part of the team in any future stages.

What type of user would this benefit? Standard Community Members, Reviewers/Evaluators, Moderators, Administrators

Idea No. 1619