User approval message identifies the wrong user name Selected

When an approve link is used to approve a new community member, the message "The user named 'login name' has been approved."


The login name in the message is the name of the administrator who is logged in and performing the approval rather than the login name of the account that is being approved. Also, there is no indication that this is the first/only time it has been approved.


What I'd like to see is:

The user named 'login name' has been approved. Approval email has been sent to 'login email address'.


only if the account has not yet been approved.


If the account has already approved, the message should be:

The user named 'login name' has already been approved by 'administrator login name' 'timestamp reference'.


The the account has already been rejected, the message should be:

The user named 'login name' cannot be approved using this link. It was rejected by 'administrator login name' 'timestamp reference'.


where 'timestamp reference' is the relative time descriptions used on this site "a few seconds ago", 'today', '6 months ago' etc.


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