Front End Improvements

Undo option

This came up when customizing an idea submission form. A custom field was removed inadvertently, and because it was a mistake, the admin wasn't sure which field was missing. An undo button would make a mistake quick to rectify.

I think an undo feature would be helpful in a lot of areas of our software: editing a campaign, editing an idea submission form, editing a funnel, changing customization settings, updating community colors. Probably more that I'm not even thinking about.

What type of user would this benefit? Administrators

  • Sometimes the cheaper way to do this is with a message for unrecoverable destructive actions: "This will remove the custom field, which cannot be undone.  Continue?  Y/N".    This is a #qtat, but general-purpose UNDO is wicked hard.

    Comment by Kyle Hart , Annotation by Kyle Hart

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