Front End Improvements

Stage Task Reminder UI Improvement

This UI I feel has some usability issues.

  • The email, by default is sent to all members who have not completed their Refinement, Estimate, Pairwise, Assessment, Reviewscale or Fund tasks. In some communities, this can mean thousands of users and that's when this UI fails to meet the needs of users. It shows 30 users and fetches 30 more when load more is clicked, and the user can click on the the cross icon to exclude. There is no easy way to find a specific user and exclude them from receiving it.


  • No rich text editor support for email body. Let's push for Rich text everywhere! Maybe even attachment support while we are at it 🙃


I think since we are sending the email to all users, we can also implement a way to search and exclude certain users.

A popover can be shown to see the currently included users

A switch can be placed to send the email to all users without manually setting them

These are just my thoughts on a better UI, but ofcourse, there is definitely a better way


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