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Social Media Notification Message Upon Submitting an Idea Selected

It would be interesting to see what kind of activity communities see if there was a way to publish posts automatically to selected social media upon submitting an Idea.


Currently one has to go to an idea after submitting to retweet or like an idea, but my interest is in what would happen in one was able to link their social media sites to their profile so upon making an idea submission or voting up/down an idea a status or notification would be submitted to the social media accounts approved by the owner.


This feature should be optional for use by an admin, but it would be interesting to see what kind of community develops when a feature such as this is included. It would double as a way to get people to vote for an idea as well as help create awareness about the community.


Could provide a Submit button and a Submit and Post to Social Media button to give users the ability to broadcast their idea or just post to the community.

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