Front End Improvements

Slideview for attachments by keeping idea description separate

This is both a bug(probably) and a suggested improvement. Currently, bullet points are not always rendered in Idea Details page. This probably has something to do with the attachment image on the left.

Now, I think that this UI can be improved a little bit, and might also solve the current problem with bullet points not rendering. Truncating the description text by putting the image on the left might look nice, but not always clean. How about keeping the attachments and text separate, in the expense of a bit more screen real estate 🤔

We can show the attachments in a slideshow type view, similar to the products page on the Amazon website. Let it take the full width. The text can be right below it and have enough space to show itself properly, having the full width always.

What type of user would this benefit? Standard Community Members, Reviewers/Evaluators

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