The Future of Innovation

Seeing connections between internal and external threads

If you were to grow and expand your innovation efforts, what new features, services, etc. would be most helpful? :

The ability to cross pollinate ideas across communities and find the shared themes and patterns. Also the ability to combine ideas using something like Mark Turner's concept blending.  Tracking ideas as they evolve, change combine, diverge over time.

How do we think your job, as it relates to your organization's innovation practice, will be different in 3 years?

I am at the executive and strategic. level, so my primary role will be to create space in front of people, provide resources and to make connections. I will remain engaged in the areas I am most passionate about, design thinking and service design, value and pricing, skill management and potential. Within three years we may be moving our approach to agile scenario planning to a commercial offer supported by software.

If you were to improve and expand your innovation efforts, what would be the biggest challenges you would face?

Focus and resources will remain challenges. But the other issue is managing the tension between the need for repeatable and scalable processes and software and the need to innovate and open new fields. Not yet sure how to square that circle. The other constant challenge is to discover the connections and synergies between different parts of our business. We also want to invest more in building communities and creating value for those communities. Resolving how to share value created with communities while creating value for the company will also be an ongoing theme.



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