Front End Improvements

Secondary voting in Campaign for prioritization Implemented

I had a great idea come in from one of my very active users/customers that I would like to share.


We have almost 2000 open ideas/enhancement requests for our product in ideascale. And although voting gives us a way to prioritize the requests, other than top number of votes, we dont have a way to ask customers at any one point, "what are your top 5 items" without running a separate campaign. My idea would be to allow a ranking on ideas. Users could go in and rank the top X ideas. They could change their ranking over time as their needs change and things are implemented. We could also as moderators clear all rankings to ask for a re-rank at any time. This could help us with some additional prioritization other than simply total votes. I am wondering if others would find benefit from this as well.

What type of user would this benefit? Standard Community Members, Moderators

Idea No. 1241