Front End Improvements

Provide more feedback when approving or rejecting links

I share responsibilities with another moderator to approve new Account requests and new Idea submissions that require approval. It is very hard to figure out where one person left off, and where to resume.


I've noticed lately that the links provided in the email notifications expire very quickly. That is frustrating, but more frustrating is that I don't seem to be able to find out whether a particular account or idea has already been approved.


I don't know the mechanics behind the scenes, but I'm hoping that a second approval would not send out a duplicate email to the individual.


Rather than reporting a link as expired, can you provide a feedback page that shows the idea and identifies whether that item has already been approved or rejected? If so, by whom and when? If not, allow the operation to be completed directly on the website instead of generating another email with more links.


I think that a single link in the notification email that navigates to that item online and displays its current status along with hyperlinks to perform the Approval or Rejection if it has not already been performed would make this process much more clear and error-free.

Idea No. 748