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Prevent - When adding questions to Refine Stage Question Entry UI Closes when the UI loses focus Implemented

If you are in the process of entering a question for a refine stage and accidentally click outside of the UI where the question details are entered the UI closes without saving and the information cannot be retrieved. It must be entered again. I don't remember this being an issue in the past, but it happened to me today at least a dozen times.


Allowing the question entry UI to remain open, even if it loses focus, like clicking outside of the UI, clicking on a toast message, etc, until the user chooses to save or cancel would prevent much frustration.


Editing questions in Refine Stage

1. Add a refine stage to a funnel

2. Add a question and fill in fields.

3. Click anywhere outside of the question entry window

4. Question entry UI/Window closes. All information entered is lost.

5. Same when editing instead of adding.

6. There is no option to save in this situation. And if it happens after entering a large number

What type of user would this benefit? Moderators, Administrators

How much time would this save you, per user, reviewer, moderator or admin, per week? Unsure.


Idea No. 1830